Assault Case Against ERMS Teacher & Husband Extended

The case against Arlene Yolles, a Math teacher and Math Team Leader at East Ridge Middle School and her husband, Martin Yolles, has been extended to July 22.

The case against a Westport couple who allegedly assaulted a Parks & Rec volunteer who was directing traffic during last Friday’s fireworks show at Compo Beach has been continued to July 22, according to a report in WestportNow.com.

As per the published July 4 on Patch, Arlene Yolles, 66, of 24 Richmondville Ave., Westport, was arrested last Friday night on a charge of reckless driving after she allegedly bumped a Parks & Rec volunteer with her car several times while the volunteer was directing post-fireworks traffic at an intersection.

In addition Arlene Yolles’ husband, Martin Yolles, 68, of the same address, was arrested and charged with breach of peace for allegedly shoving the 19-year-old Parks & Rec volunteer, identified in the WestportNow report as Lauren Casey, 19, of Fairfield.

According to the report on WestportNow, Martin Yolles wasn’t feeling well as the Yolles’ were exiting the fireworks in their vehicle. At one point the Yolles’ reportedly became impatient with how Casey was directing the thick traffic. It was then, police said, that Arlene Yolles started honking her horn at Casey and began bumping her legs with the car. Martin Yolles then reportedly got out of the car and shoved Casey with both hands.

Casey did not sustain any physical injuries, according to the police report.

Parks & Rec staff immediately notified police, who located the Yolles’ car as it was leaving the area.

The Yolles’ were scheduled to appear in court on July 7, however only their attorney showed up, and the case has been continued to July 22, according to WestportNow.

Casey’s sister works as a supervisor in the Parks & Recreation Department, according to the WestportNow report.

According to the report, Arlene Yolles is a teacher and a math team leader at the East Ridge Middle School in Ridgefield.

sebastian dangerfield July 13, 2011 at 06:08 PM
Weber... I appreciate your thoughts on how to muzzle me. First checking out where I live...then contacting patch..then again deriding me. I'm not deterred. If it's some level of decorum, you wish to achieve, then I suggest you consider the merits of what I'm saying . Briefly..I'm defending a teacher , that I do not know, against what I consider to be an unfair attack. Now, when I read about how bystanders sometimes walk by, as people are mugged, I guess you are in the category, that asks why someone might step in to help the victim? I can't say that I admire that....and it's strange that you are trying to find rules, to prevent me from asking for some decency. Since you perused my commentary, I ask you to look at "eileens". It's non stop attacks and questing peoples intelligence. Someone gets scammed out of money, and her contribution is.." the woman must be totally stupid.". So...whether or not eileens kid had youlles as a teacher is no certainty. Her mission is to go after people.
Observer July 13, 2011 at 09:30 PM
Luca, you are forgetting something here. I am not criticizing people for being anonymous. You are. I myself am anonymous. I freely admit. But you are criticizing people for being anonymous while at the same time I'm thinking you might not be using your real name. So how about this, I admit I am not using my real name. Now what about you? Are you using your real name. And I admit I live in Ridgefield. Now what about you? Do you live in RIdgefield?
sebastian dangerfield July 13, 2011 at 11:36 PM
Observer-- Please- Understand, I am not criticising people for the lone fact they are anonymous. If you misunderstood, then Im sorry. I will state, though, for I think the 9th time, that I am saying, that for anonymous people to attack named individuals it is weak. I have also said 9 times, that when I correct "eileen" she suffers not. As she is anonymous. As far as your cute assertion that your name is not 'observer'---are you really going to adopt that weak stance? You come on here , guns ablazing, --trying to call me out for what you consider to be some sort of hypocrisy. I try to explain myself over and over again---and you are going to try to win now a debate based on an 'admission' that your name is not observer? Im asking you to reveal your name, similar to how you are trying to identify me. I live in ridgefield. Yes. If you need to ask any questions for me to verify my residence, then please be prepared to answer my questions as well. But my question to you also remains unanswered. Why do you care where I live? If I live in ridgefield or not, am I not allowed to defend a teacher who I believe is being unfairly attacked? Apparently she is a westport resident...would only living in those towns, in your mind, allow commentary? Do you think you win a debate, by employing ridiculous arguing skills? If you are not interested in being fair-- U ask for some integrity -and then fervently look to avoid being fair.
sebastian dangerfield July 13, 2011 at 11:44 PM
observer--contd I m am not sure why you dont understand the distinction between attacking real people-and attacking anonymous monikers. But again--(and I feel like I need to say it often --otherwise you will identify a tangent, and look to go after it) --Im not telling eileen or ridge or you that when you sign up-you need your real name. I dont care. I just feel that when you describe someone as the worst teacher --maybe you need to elevate your level of responsibility to being one that enters the realm of reality. Otherwise, blogs like these, become cesspools of unfounded accusations, and simple mediums for attacking people. If people were named--then the attacked individual, can add context to the debate. I am certain it would be a frustrating experience to have all sorts of nameless people attack my wife, or kids, or friends. Maybe you dont agree. That is your perogative, but as you try to establish ( I think) some measure of fairness--then I ask you to be fair--and realize at least that Im not demanding real names...just accountability in the situations that I believe demand accountability.
Michael Dinan July 14, 2011 at 12:10 AM
Thank you for your comments on this article. This thread is now closed.


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