Cops: School Bus Video Cameras Catch 4 Passing Drivers

No matter which direction you're driving, stop for a school bus with lights flashing — or New Canaan school bus video cameras may catch you.

Lamorinda Patch file photo
Lamorinda Patch file photo
Two New Canaan drivers and one each from Greenwich and Norwalk were ticketed after they passed school buses taking on or letting off chidren, police said.

Each of the drivers was caught by video on the buses, according to police reports. Three of the four incidents happened on Jelliff Road near Ponus Ridge Road, and another was at Main Street and Burdis Avenue, police said.

Bus drivers came to police with the surveillance videos on June 2 to report the incidents. Each driver was charged with passing a stopped school bus, an infraction, after police contacted the driver.

In each case, police said, the driver passed the bus after the bus's stop sign was extended and lights were flashing.

New Canaan police gave these accounts (accusations not proven in court) of each incident:

On various parts of Jelliff Mill Road near Ponus Ridge Road:

  • 3:12 p.m., May 23 — Debra Wendt of South Springdale Court in Norwalk was driving in the opposite direction.
  • 4:08 p.m., May 28 — Paul Ingraham, 82, of North Street in Greenwich was driving in the opposite direction.
  • 7:32 a.m., May 29 — Colette Pellegrini-De Paur, 18, of Jelliff Mill Rd., was driving in the opposite direction.

Daniella Ruiz June 11, 2014 at 12:20 PM
paying a ticket is far cheaper than paying for a childs life! there's NO EXCUSE for these 'errors', the bus is bright yellow (can't miss them!), the many YELLOW and RED RED lights are triple brightness AND they flash!, the drivers start the flashers BEFORE they shove the little ones out the doors (;-), and the drivers put the vehicle brake lights on before this even happens!!! No EXCUSE!!!, I'm glad they have started actually using this technology to expose these callous drivers for what they are!!!
mary parker June 14, 2014 at 09:25 PM
Daniella Ruiz, they have been using video technology for a couple of years at least to my knowledge , but most of the time the bus driver's can't be bothered to report the numerous amount of driver's that do pass school buses. I observed 2 cars last week that drove right by the school buses that were picking up children and they are not listed in this article. there would be so many more people being ticketed if all of the bus driver's took the time to report it


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