Cops: New Canaan Man, So Drunk Couldn't Remember Address, Tries to Fight Police

A New Canaan man who arrived at the police station in the back of a cab was arrested Sunday after drunkenly starting a fight with police, authorities said this week.

According to Sgt. Peter Condos, a cab driver arrived at headquarters saying, after picking up a fare in Norwalk, the man couldn't communicate where he lived in town. The driver said he picked the man up at approximately 10 p.m. and, by the time they'd arrived in New Canaan, the man could no longer communicate coherently and the driver didn't know where to take him.

Condos said the man, identified as Tyler Moss, 28, of Willowbrook Lane, was intoxicated to the point where EMS was contacted while police attempted to talk to the man. He became combative and began spitting and swearing at EMS and police officers, even though officers tried explaining to Moss that he wasn't in any trouble, Condos said. 

The man only got angrier, clenching his fists and taking a fighting stance, Condos said, so he was restrained and charged with breach of peace. authorities were able to finally contact someone who knew the man and arrived to take him home. He was released on a written Promise to Appear.


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