Craigslist Ad Lists Occupied New Canaan Home as a Rental

An Arkansas woman called New Canaan police to report a Dabney Road home was listed for $700 per month.


Police are investigating a fraudulent Craigslist ad that lists an occupied Dabney Road as being available to rent for $700 per month, police said.

An Arkansas woman, 58, contacted New Canaan police after she responded to the ad and received a long email in return, which stated that she could stop by the home in question at any time and look into the windows, said Sgt. Carol Ogrinc.

The home currently has residents living there and is not for rent, said Ogrinc.

It is unknown at this time if the individual was attempting to collect funds ahead of time or potentially harass the current owners, however, police could subpoena Craigslist and/or Yahoo for the individual’s email address and attempt to trace said individual, said Ogrinc.


A New Canaan woman was arrested on August 3 for allegedly stealing and pawning her boyfriend’s mother’s jewelry, police said.

Erin Bozeth, 32, was arrested after her boyfriend’s mother suspected her of stealing her jewelry, said Sgt. Ogrinc.

The woman said she mentioned the missing jewelry on July 27 to her son and noticed that her son’s girlfriend looked nervous, said Ogrinc.

The woman also told police that Bozeth called her on July 26, saying that she was lost on Danbury Road in a town that the woman remembered began with a ‘W,’ said Ogrinc.

The woman thought the town may have been Wilton and, becoming suspicious, she checked to see if there were any pawn shops on Danbury Road in Wilton, said Ogrinc.

The woman found that there was a pawn shop and, upon contacting the store, was told that she would need to report the incident to police, at which time police could make inquiry about the lost items, said Ogrinc.

She reported the incident to police on July 30 and New Canaan police found that the pawn shop was in fact in possession of the items taken from the woman - a $2,500 emerald gold ring and a $350 men’s wedding band, said Ogrinc.

After obtaining an arrest warrant for her arrest, Bozeth was picked up, arrested and processed at the New Canaan police station on August 3, police said.

Bozeth did not post her $10,000 bond, was charged with larceny, and was scheduled to appear in court on August 6, said Ogrinc.


Police are investigating the theft of a First Presbyterian Church worker’s money, police said.

A woman, 49, reported to police on August 6 that she left the office at the church to use the restroom and, when she returned, she saw a drawer open with her pocket book open and missing $60 to $80, saig Ogrinc.

The accident between the Darien teens and the couple from New York is still under investigation, but the primary investigating officer is currently on maternity leave, said Ogrinc.

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