Dead or Mutilated Animals Found in New Canaan Reaches 4 Incidents

New Canaan authorities released new information Monday on the instances of dead or decapitated animals being found around town. 

According to Sgt. Carol Ogrinc, the two cases involve a dead bird being found in a high school girl's car they recently connected with the cat head and bird head discovered in town at two different residences, and a decapitated bird found at a Laurel Road home police are having trouble connecting to the previous three. 

Ogrinc said, on Oct. 9, a high school senior girl parked her car at the school at 7 a.m. At 2 p.m., she drove to Waveny Park, where she discovered a small, wild bird dead on the backseat floor of her car. The windows had been up throughout the day, Ogrinc said. 

They connected that incident to the cat head and bird head discovered on October 14 and 16, which were discovered by high school seniors who lived at those residences. Police realized the three girls were all friends at the school, Ogrinc said.

Ogrinc said surveillance video from the Autumn Lane nicident in which a cat's decapitated head was found in a girl's driveway, near the street, shows headlights at the location, but that there was little else obtained from the footage. She said police are investigating the connection and why the girls might have been targeted. 

On Oct. 26 at approximately 10:19 a.m., a Laurel Road resident contacted police to inform them he'd discovered a decapitated bird head on the deck of his house at approximately 8 a.m. She said the man reported the bird was definitely not there at 3 p.m. on Oct. 25. 

The man had a daughter who is a high school freshman, but Ogrinc said it was unlikely the incident is related to previous three, though they are not ruling anything out.

"It's disturbing," Ogrinc said. "The only word that comes to mind, is that it's sick."


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