Multiple Burglaries Overnight Sunday to Monday Near Meadow Ln

Four burglaries, all roughly on or near different streets of the same block on Meadow Street, took place overnight Sunday to Monday, March 2-3, New Canaan police say.

Skis, a bicycle and credit cards were stolen from different homes on and around Meadow Lane sometime overnight from Sunday to Monday, March 2-3, according to New Canaan police reports.

Police gave this account of the incidents:

At about 3:30 a.m., a Meadow Lane woman wasn't sleeping and happened to look out a window -- where she saw someone in dark clothing and wearing a hoodie walking up her driveway, toward her garage.

It turned out that nothing was stolen from the woman's garage, although someone had entered her vehicle and appeared to have rummaged around in it.

The next morning, at about 10:45 a.m., the woman found a bicycle (valued by the owner at about $200) leaning up against a snow bank near her home.

The bicycle had been stolen from a home on Hawthorne Road, at the southern end of Meadow Lane (which is only several hundred feet long).

In a third burglary that night, on South Avenue, near its intersection with Hawthorne Road (a block away from Meadow Lane), a 44-year-old man who left his vehicle and garage unlocked found that a credit card and a debit card had been taken from his wallet, which had been left in the vehicle.

Someone later used or tried to use the cards in Waterbury at different stores and gas stations, with $394 improperly charged to the cards.

New Canaan police continue to investigate the incidents.
In a fourth burglary discovered on March 3, a resident of Woodland Road (which intersects with the northern end of Meadow Lane) discovered that a pair of skis she valued at $500 was missing.


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