Neighbors Both Victims of Larceny in New Canaan

Two neighboring New Canaan households reported larcenies that police said were probably related.


are reminding residents to lock their vehicles at all times—even if cars are parked in driveways.

On Friday, Sept. 7 two residents—one who lives on Shagbark Drive, the other on Butler Lane—both reported that sometime over the previous night their cars were entered and items were stolen.

The catch? The cars entered were all unlocked.

According to police, a female resident of Shagbark Drive reported two cars parked in her driveway were entered through unlocked doors. She reported a pair of Gucci sunglasses and a sunglass case—valued at $300—were missing.

A 61-year-old male Butler Lane resident reported an old iPod—valued at $50—was taken from the glovebox of his unlocked vehicle.

Sergeant Carol Ogrnic said because of the proximity of the two residences, it's likely the thefts were related.

"It’s only a street away [and] within walking distance," Ogrnic said. "[It's likely] with the time frame, they are connected."

Ogrnic said if anyone sees suspicious vehicles late at they should contact police.

On Sept. 10, a 69-year-old Locust Avenue resident reported to police a Salsco 625NS—a wood chipper, shredder and vacuum machine used for mulching—was stolen from where it was being stored on New Lane. The man said the machine is valued at $9,640. 

According to police, the man said he had last seen the machine on Aug. 31. 


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Dave September 12, 2012 at 11:54 AM
I'm going to start off again befor people start blaming the NCPD that our Police, fire , emt are doing a great job and if the people of NC want more protection on the street that the town needs to reevaluate where it spends it's money. Maybe instead of paving roads and putting in stupid brick paths , that with the money put it into keeping NC Safe. Again our town is as safe as those who protect it, without the right gear and men and women power of course the crime will be up. Also it's like reports like this Wich I now are open to the public and the public should be aware that thiefs read cars houses are not being locked well sounds like we the people are the onesresponsible for the break ins.
Jaimie Cura September 12, 2012 at 06:32 PM
"Why are residents STILL not learning to LOCK THEIR DOORS!!! Does the NCPD need to put posters everywhere and start a campaign to remind people to LOCK THEIR DOORS??? People who don't lock their doors just volunteer to be decoys for the rest of us by making themselves easy targets for the crooks." - Angie Stock left this comment on the New Canaan Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NewCanaanPatch


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