New Canaan, License Your Dog or Face Hefty Fines

New Canaan Animal Control officers could be showing up at your door in the near future if you have a dog and haven't licensed it with the town yet.

According to Ofc. Mary Ann Kleinschmitt, registration was due by June 31. On August 1, the town clerk must submit, by Connecticut state law, a list of all pet owners in town to animal control, who then must track down each pet owner.

According to Kleinschmitt, since verification is needed and so the process is lengthy, they typically give people a few months to come in and register the pets on their own, but when the push for correcting delinquency kicks off, hefty fines can be issued, ranging from $75 to $211 plus a dollar-per-month-of-delinquency as per state regulations.

"It's not about money," Kleinschmitt said. "It's about making sure what happened in Wilton doesn't happen here. It's so we can keep track of all the dogs we have out there in town."

Kleinschmitt said the Animal Control office will now go through the huge stack of more than 350 addresses they have to check in and see if the animal is still alive, if the owners still live in New Canaan and if the dog is not licensed.

Check out the video above for her comments.


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