New Canaan Man Arrested At General Assembly Meeting

Michael Nowacki was charged with interference after exceeding his three-minute speaking limit, according to the Connecticut Post.

A New Canaan man was arrested in Hartford by Capitol Police on Thursday after exceeding his three-minute limit while addressing the General Assembly at a Judiciary Committee meeting, according to the Connecticut Post.

Michael Nowacki of Lost District Drive was charged with interference with the General Assembly after he refused to heed a warning by Rep. Gerald Fox III (D-Stamford) that he was exceeding the limit and continued to speak.

Nowacki was on charges of violating a protective order on June 16, 2010 after he reportedly sent an email to his ex-wife, which he was prohibited from doing under the order. Nowacki represented himself at the trial and, at times, cross examined himself and referred to himself in the third person.

rick stein February 23, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Michael Nowacki and Teri Buhl are a match made in the next station to heaven. Or in the Cuckoo's nest.
Glen K Dunbar February 23, 2012 at 10:44 PM
Ummm OK on the Protective Order arrest But, to arrest someone for speaking?? Ummm OK... I won't say it But........ Glen
save our kids February 24, 2012 at 02:54 AM
I to reported the negligence and pure incompetence of judge solomon and simon and their violations of civil and constitutional rights to the judicial commitee on feb 15th and just like many reps stated its just amazing how non stop complaints on these rogue judges are just brushed under the rug! everybody lying in corrupticut !
Francis Knize February 24, 2012 at 05:18 PM
For the full and real story about Michael Nowacki and his fight for all citizens to reform the Connecticut Courts, please watch this documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWtQcl1DivI
Teri February 24, 2012 at 08:48 PM
The video shows Michael got up to leave on his own and he is still arrested? Regardless of if you believe in what he was to say he had to right to say it. There was no need to arrest him. You are right Michael this AOL publication often leaves out facts to make their post sound better. There is very little jouranalism found here.
Teri February 24, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Hudock is a former prosecutor who forgets he is a judge. Unfortunatley you don't get to pick your judge in Norwalk.
Glen K Dunbar February 25, 2012 at 04:36 PM
I agree w/Teri ALL the way. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Press is a right to all of us. Why now a days do the powers that be want to take it away and not replace it w/a reward or something. If you take something away from someone that everyone else has one s/b rewarded. GLEN
Teri February 25, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Chandra why did you take down Michael's comment from yesterday? Your bio says you have jouranalism training so you know you need to call him for comment and if he gives you one you have to print it in the text. You have some leigh way to edit his comment but to refuse him the right as the subject of your story borders libel. Do you need a a copy of AP rules?
Ade March 13, 2012 at 02:06 PM
Peacemonger March 14, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Nowacki even dragged his daughter in as a witness on his trial for harassing his wife, the nanny, for violating a protective order, etc. He doesn't care about anyone other than his own hurt ego. Its as If the town had a hearing on a new football field and gave every citizen 5 minutes to speak their opinion, he shows up and starts nastily accusing everyone of corruption and "constitutional violations" and when his 5 minutes are up he refuses to sit down....all the while insulting everyone else. It's entirely appropriate and necessary to arrst him for this, as he does it all the time. Of course, his ranting of irrelevant nonsense deprives other citizens of a forum to speak as to the topic then at issue. I think you'll find that this guy was arrested for contempt of court when he refused a judge's order for a pyschiatric evaluation. That eval would have helped him and his poor family, but.....
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Your website also fails to disclose that in April of 2011 you were sentenced to jail for contempt of court. As far as I can tell, you e trying to get money from your ex wife, but you refused to produce your own financial information to the court, even when ordered to do so. Sounds to me that you had so much to hide that you decided to go to jail rather than have the truth about YOU revealed. your appeals to different judges were rejected. You were also arrested twice on the same day in New Canaan for your disruptive, arrogant, insulting, disrespectful behaviors at Town Hall and elsewhere. That is not revealed on your website. Of course, you made mean spirited, insulting accusations against the police and everyone else, who were just doing there jobs, protecting citizens from you. Thereafter, you were arrested for harassing your ex wife, your nanny, and for violating a protective order. Of course, there's a protective order against you because of your erratic, threatening, nasty, arrogant behavior. Ultimately, you insulted the judge in your trial for harassment, and engaged in a surreal comedy of interrogating yourself and refusing to obey court orders. You were found guilty by a jury of your peers on at least the nanny charge and now you face sentencing.....Your website does not reveal that you are a convict, someone who illegally harassed his nanny. Sure sounds like the court was right to try to protect your children from you.
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 01:28 PM
Are you accusing Judge Hudock of abusing his authority in general, or just in your trial? Does he have a conflict of interest as to you? Did he treat YOU unfairly? Did he give YOU a fair trial?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 01:34 PM
So you are suing NCPD and the town in federal court , costing all taxpayers lots of money in taxes to defend against your charged, and you want $10 million from the town, because you are a victim of. What? How were you harmed?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 01:36 PM
If you lose your claims against the town of New Canaan, will you reimburse the taxpayers for the expense of proving your claims are all wrong?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Are you saying Judge Hudock is corrupt? Are you saying Judge Hudock's alleged corruption is why you were convicted? Do you claim Judge Hudock was somehow conspiring with the corrupt NCPD? Is governor Malloy part of Judge Hudock's alleged corruption?
okie farber March 16, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Is anybody reading this dialogue between Peacemoner and Yes-Wacki? This is classic stuff and very informational, too. Who needs a reality show when you have this going on?!!!!!!
Glen K Dunbar March 16, 2012 at 03:09 PM
Mikey: I not know if You guilty or innocent. I admire the way You defend yourself though Sir. Yet, I also respect the other points of view too. Personally, I feel everyone should be able to speak/write what they want PERIOD I got to say this. You and everyone else in this town (politely speaking) do not not have a clue to what problems are unless You have been Glen for a day. My life STINKS> NOBODY bail me out of my life either. I wish you luck and hope you not get in too much trouble. I not wish that on anyone. Your name sounds like you are rich. Wish I was rich.
Glen K Dunbar March 16, 2012 at 03:09 PM
my life stinks
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Are you saying judge Hudock conspired against you with Governor Malloy? Or do you claim he was working against you with corrupt New Canann police? What were you convicted of, and why?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Yes, I stand up to go to the bathroom. Many folks do.
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Why were you convicted? Why were you stripped of custody of your children? Why did a therapist say you were incompetent?
Glen K Dunbar March 16, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Politely speaking. I LOVE or New Canaan Police. They are a great bunch of guys. They would NEVER be dishonest. This I know. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out for what they pick on. SOME (not all) of the people need to prioritize and not sweat the small stuff. Yet, all and all they are a good bunch of guys and Girls too.
Glen K Dunbar March 16, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Thanks for the kind words Mikey. You sound like a real cool guy. Peacemoger you sound OK too. Why do the two of you not shake hands and bury the hatchet. At least YOU BOTH do NOT have someone running your life like I do MY LIFE STINKS
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 08:44 PM
I thought you were acquitted on the charge of violating your protective order based on an email to your wife, because you claimed it was inadvertent . But, I understood that you were convicted of harassing your nanny, a different charge. Is that correct? So, you assert the lawyer for your children was "corrupt", as was the therapist? Why did they go after you, in your view? Where is there a record that your custody rights were yrestored and you now share custody? Why was your custody restored? Why are you making all these accusations re taxes about your ex in laws? Why are you trying to get your children's grandparents in trouble with the IRS and other tax authorities? Is it not true that you refused to obey a court order to produce financial records, and you were found in contempt and sentenced for that refusal? Why did you refuse to produce your financial records, even though ordered to do so? Is it correct that you confronted chairman Fox and stated that you refused to obey time limitations in the legislative hearing?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 08:56 PM
Why did judge Hudock decide to "get you" in your view? Is judge Hudock corrupt just because you believe he knows governor Malloy, or did he have another reason to get you? Was he working with NCPD to get you convicted?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Mr. Nowacki: it's correct, isn't it, that you have no formal legal training or legal experience of any kind? You sold advertising for a living, correct? And now, you announce legal opinions on civil practice, criminal law, constitutional law, racketeer influenced corrupt Organization Act, civil rights law, evidence, family law, statutory interpretation, etc. What is the basis for any qualifications you have to offer opinions on these matters? So far, no judge has agreed with you, correct?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Mr. Nowacki: There was a protective order issued against you, protecting your wife. Correct? That protective order prohibited any communications, correct? You sent an email to her, correct? And you argued that you sent it inadvertently, correct? Why was the protective order issued in the first place? Why did the Court deny you joint custody of your children? What was the basis in your behavior? Did you, in fact, do the things the court found that you did?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 09:48 PM
So sorry. I just realized that. You were sentenced to 30 days in jail because you refused a judge's order to get a psychiatric exam, correct? In Aprlil 2011?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 09:49 PM
All as reported in New Canaan Patch?
Peacemonger March 16, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Or New Canaan news. How many times have you been arrested in the last two years?


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