New Canaan Police Remind Drivers to be Mindful Near Schools

The New Canaan Inteim Police Chief Leon Krolikowski released the following statement this week regarding safe driving and the return of children to New Canaan's schools—and roadways. 

"As the end of summer approaches and children head back to school, the New Canaan Police Department urges both children and adults to remain extra cautious. Consequently, with the start of school on August 26, 2013, officers will intensify their efforts to target motorists who violate traffic laws near schools.

In addition to increased enforcement by shift officers, additional officers will be working on August 28, 2013. Officers will be assigned to both marked and unmarked vehicles and will target motorists who: exceed the speed limit, use hand held cellular phones while driving, pass stopped school buses, and violate other traffic laws which compromise traffic safety near our schools. Distracted driving enforcement will be a focus but please remember these important safety tips:

  • When a school bus stops to load or unload children and its red lights are flashing, all vehicles must stop – in both directions.

  • Follow all traffic laws and take safety precautions, especially when driving in areas near schools or bus stops where children may be present.

  • In school drop-off and pick-up zones be extra alert and drive slowly.

  • Hang-up and drive and don’t be a distracted driver. Be aware and cautious.

The New Canaan Police Department is committed to the safety of our children.

Please be alert and drive safely."


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