New Canaan Police Set to Increase Traffic Monitoring

New Canaan Police will be conducting increased traffic monitoring on Thursday, October 24, in an attempt to intensify their efforts to target moving violations with an emphasis on reducing motor vehicle accidents, the Chief's Office announced Wednesday.

According to a release from the Office of Chief Leon Krolikowski, several officers will be assigned exclusively to traffic enforcement duties, traveling in both marked and unmarked vehicles. 

Police will be targeting motorists who:
  • Exceed the posted speed limit
  • pass stopped school buses
  • Use cellphones while driving
  • Violate distracted driving laws
  • Follow too closely to other vehicles
  • Travel through red lights
  • Violate other laws that contribute to motor vehicle accidents
The following roads will garner particular focus and they have had increased rates of motor vehicle accidents or are locations where citizens have made complaints about traffic safety issues:
  • Elm Street & Main Street
  • Jelliff Mill Road
  • Lukeswood Road
  • New Norwalk Road
  • Old Stamford Road
  • Park Street
  • Ponus Ridge Road
  • Seminary Street
  • South Avenue
  • Wahackme Road
  • Weed Street

"The New Canaan Police Department is serious about enforcing Connecticut's traffic laws in an effort to reduce the frequency and severity of motor vehicle accidents," Krolikowski said in the announcement.

LarryBraverman October 23, 2013 at 05:48 PM
I'd like to see police ticket for New Canaan's most common offense: those who do not signal at turns. Also, failure to yield the right-of-way since practically every driver feels entitled to make turns across intersections without yielding to those traveling straight.


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