New Canaan Police Targeting Seatbelt Violators Today

The department issued the following press release.


On Friday, New Canaan Police officers will intensify their efforts to target motorists who violate traffic laws with an emphasis on those who violate seatbelt laws as part of the Click It or Ticket Campaign. Several officers are assigned exclusively to traffic enforcement duties. 

Officers will be assigned to both marked and unmarked vehicles and will target motorists who: fail to use seatbelts, exceed the speed limit, use hand held cellular phones while driving, follow too close to other vehicles, and violate other traffic laws, which contribute to motor vehicle accidents.

Officers will pay particular attention to the following roads which have increased rates of motor vehicle accidents or are locations where citizen complaints about traffic safety have occurred:

  • Heritage Hill Road
  • Jelliff Mill Road
  • New Norwalk Road
  • North Wilton Road
  • Oenoke Ridge Road
  • Old Stamford Road
  • Park Street
  • Ponus Ridge Road
  • Silvermine Road
  • Smith Ridge Road
  • South Avenue

The New Canaan Police Department is serious about enforcing Connecticut’s traffic laws in an effort to reduce the frequency and severity of motor vehicle accidents.


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