New Canaan Woman Bound During Home Invasion

Police say the Lambert Road resident's hands were tied behind her back with rope, and a pillow placed over her head by two assailants.

New Canaan police are continuing their investigation of a that occurred early Saturday morning as a 60-year old woman slept at her residence on Lambert Road.

The New Canaan woman, who was alone at the time, called 911 at 1:05 am after two assailants left the premises in their vehicle. Police department spokesperson Sgt. Carol Ogrinc said the woman's hands had been bound behind her back with rope during the invasion, with one of the assailants allegedly covering the victim's head with a pillow while the other one went through her drawers. The victim also stated that she felt something cold up against the side of her head but was not certain if it was a gun or another type of weapon.

The victim reported that she had items valued at nearly $40,000 stolen from her home. $25,000 in silverware, including bowls, coffee pots, and vases were taken, as were five rings valued at $15,000. The victim also stated that she had a purse valued at approximately $100 stolen, as well.

Ogrinc said there were no signs of forced entry and the alarm system had not been activated. The victim, who was awakened by a person trying to remove a bracelet from her wrist, reported that the entire incident lasted approximately 40 minutes. The victim stated that the two assailants were males but could not give a description of them because it was dark and she was shaken.

Ogrinc stated that, "we have some leads that we are following up on. We are checking into anything and everything. There was some construction going on at the house that we are also looking into."

Ogrinc added that this is the first documented home invasion in New Canaan in her 23 years at the department. There was a similar incident in October 2010 at a home on Hawks Hill road while the residents were sleeping, but it couldn't be classified as a home invasion because a weapon wasn't used and there was no sign of restraint.


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