New Canaan Man Considered Suspect in Danbury Homicide [Update]

A town resident exchanged 500+ calls and text messages with victim Mario Imbesi during the weeks leading to his death, according to the News-Times.

[Editor's Note: An update of this article can be found below under the Comments section.]

Court documents that were made public on Monday reveal that a New Canaan man is being considered as a suspect in the , according the Danbury News-Times.

Based on a search warrant affidavit from in Danbury, the man, who has not been formally charged, exchanged over 500 calls and text messages with victim Mario Imbesi over the last six weeks of his life and regularly purchased drugs from the victim.

According to the affidavit, residents of the apartment building where Imbesi lived and was killed told police that they saw a black pick-up truck in the parking lot the same evening as the homicide. Their description roughly matches the one a "close associate" of Imbesi's gave of the vehicle the New Canaan man was driving a few weeks prior when he was purchasing drugs from Imbesi.

Text messages exchanged between the New Canaan man and Imbesi, according to the News-Times, reveal that Imbesi informed the man that he was going to receive a shipment of Oxycontin shortly before he was killed.

Two more search warrant applications related to Imbesi's homicide have been filed by police, according to the News-Times.

Chandra Johnson Greene May 04, 2012 at 12:44 AM
Update: Out of the numerous calls and text messages made between the New Canaan man's phone and Imbesi's phone prior to the homicide, a few were made 4-6 days after the incident, according to a search warrant affidavit from state Superior Court in Danbury. During the period of March 20-22, there were several calls made from the suspect's phone to Imbesi's phone with an average duration of zero to five seconds. Then on March 31, according to a search warrant affidavit, Imbesi's wife told detectives that she received a call on her cell phone from the New Canaan man, but from a number that she didn't recognize as his. When she told the suspect that he had passed away, she told police that he asked her whether Imbesi's death was "drug-related." Imbesi's wife then told police that she had also received a text from him on March 22 asking her how Imbesi was doing, but she didn't reply.


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