Police: Awareness Has Been 'Heightened' Since Newtown Tragedy

One police officer was stationed at each school in New Canaan Monday morning, according to New Canaan Police Sgt. Carol Ogrinc.


The New Canaan Police Department had an "increased presence" at each of the town's schools Monday morning as a precaution following the shootings at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Sgt. Carol Ogrinc told Patch.

"Our awareness has been heightened a little, esepcially after the lockdown in Ridgefield," Ogrinc said. "So we made sure to have one officer stationed at every school"

When asked whether there would be any changes to how the department reaction to any possible incidents at the town's schools, Ogrinc said they are "confident" that all precautions are being taken.

"We've had the meetings and the drills and the training," she said. "So we're just going to continue doing what we've been doing."

New Canaan Public School campuses were put on "closed" status Monday morning in response to the incident in Ridgefield, but have since returned to normal school procedures, according to a statement sent by the Superintendent's Office.

RH December 17, 2012 at 10:13 PM
And what's going to happen a few weeks from now? We will all grow complacent once again, and the police presence will be gone. What? Will the world change in a week where we won't have to worry about people who want to cause harm? Shouldn't we learn our lesson and start to make some meaningful and lasting structural changes to our buildings (bullet-proof glass, etc.)? It seems to me that minor, temporary changes are being implemented to appease the masses in the immediate wake of this tragedy. But soon, our passivity will win over. I will quote from the article, "...we're just going to continue doing what we've been doing."


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