Police: Woman, 21, Driving Under Influence at 2:41 AM, Headlights off

A 21-year-old driver attracted police attention by driving without headlights, then was arrested for driving while under the influence, according to New Canaan police.

Lights you don't want to see in the rear-view.
Lights you don't want to see in the rear-view.
The first clue that something was wrong, according to a New Canaan police report, was when an officer on patrol on July 4 saw a car behind him had no headlights on — at 2:41 a.m.

New Canaan police gave this account of the incident:

When the officer spotted the car without headlights, both cars were traveling south on South Avenue. The officer turned off the road, let the car pass and got behind it. Then he flashed his patrol car's overhead lights and stopped the car near the intersection of South Avenue and Woodland Road.

The driver, Emily Bak of Seaside Court in Milford, had bloodshot eyes and the officer could smell of alcohol when she spoke.

She was given field sobriety tests, which she didn't pass, and charged with driving while under the influence and failure to have headlights on while driving at night. Her blood-alcohol level was later tested. It was 1 1/2 times the legal limit.

Bak told the police officer she had been at a friends house.

She was later released on $250 bond and was scheduled to appear July 18 in state Superior Court in Norwalk.


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