Report: Garage Raiders Roll Through Town, Ride off with Stolen Scooter

Have anything of value in an unlocked garage? Beware of vans and young men on motor scooters.

A New Canaan woman reported a brazen daytime theft to police: While she was in her back yard, she heard a noise in her driveway, and when she went to check, two males were riding a white scooter there.

The incident occurred at about 1 p.m. Friday, June 20. They rode off, the Summit Ridge Road woman told police, and she remembered a white van with blue lettering on it parked across the street in front of her house.

At the time she didn't think anything of the van, but later its presence seemed suspicious to her.

Later she had a look in her garage, and discovered that a red and white scooter, which she valued at $1,500, was missing. 


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