Several Vehicles Entered at Talmadge Hill Train Station

Strange goings-on at the Talmadge Hill Railroad Station parking lot: damaged windows but nothing reported stolen.

Someone broke windows of several cars parked at the Talmadge Hill Railroad Station sometime before 6:30 a.m. Friday, but nothing was reported missing, at least according to initial New Canaan police reports.

Windows were broken on two cars, a motorcycle was damaged, and someone appeared to have entered a third car.

Police gave this account of the incident:

Police received a call reporting one break-in from an sport-utility vehicle owner at 6:30 a.m. The SUV, along with most of the others that were found to have been entered, was parked in a new lot built on the southern side of Talmadge Hill Road, near Old Stamford Road.

The driver's side window of the 2002 Honda CRV had been shattered (no rocks were found in any unusual locations nearby), and the glove compartment was left open, with various items strewn around in the vehicle.

Nothing was missing — even though there was an iPad and change on the back seat. Police looked around the lot to see if any other vehicles had been put through similar treatment.

They found some.

In the same lot as the Honda CRV, a 2013 BMW car was found unlocked, but with its trunk opened. Police later were told that the owner had parked it there only 15 minutes before the initial 6:30 a.m. report. There was no damage to the vehicle and nothing was initially reported missing.

A 2001 Lexus owned by a 45-year-old man had side windows smashed toward the rear of the car. Police initially didn't have an opportunity to speak with the owner, so they didn't know if anything was taken. The car was parked in a lot near the train station platform.

A 2005 BMW motorcycle next to the Lexus was found on its side and damaged, with the ignition broken. It appeared that it had been tampered with.

A bag attached to the back of the motorcycle was unzipped.


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