Top Tips for Keeping New Canaan's Pets Safe This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and with all the costumes and candy and strangers coming to the door for spooky fun, it can be easy to sometimes overlook it can be a stressful evening for some beloved family members: our pets. 

With all the activity going on, New Canaan Animal Control Officer Mary Ann Kleinschmitt offered up some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone is being as safe as possible, both for the pets and for strangers around them. 

Below, find Kleinschmitt's Top 6 Halloween Tips for Pets:
  1. Keep your pet inside and in a room away from visiting Trick or Treaters

  2. Keep candy and the wrappers out of reach of your pet (sugar free candy and chocolate are problematic)

  3. Don’t insist on dressing up your pet in a costume if it looks stressed, go for the bandana or a colorful new collar

  4. Do not use a mask on your pet because it can obstruct his vision or ability to breath

  5. Keep jack-o-lanterns and festive pumpkins away from your pet – candles can singe or burn a curious pet or if knocked over can cause a fire

  6. Make sure your pet is wearing identification and double check with your microchip company that your information is current in the event your pet gets out


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