Turkey Celebrating Life Spotted on Hope Street in Stamford

A turkey has something to be thankful for, a couple lost pets are found hanging out on Courtland Ave., a seagull is found with a broken wing and Director Laurie Hollywood has some advice for holiday adoptions.


Hollywood said a turkey has been causing some issues roaming around on Hope Street.

She siad the shelter has received several calls about the animal hopping about, eating things and just typically acting like a turkey.

It is believed the turkey is celebrating making it through the recent Thanksgiving holiday.


A cat was recovered after being left in a carrier in the parking lot of Planet Fitness on Courtland Ave., according to Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter Laurie Hollywood.

Hollywood said the cat was a very friendly, short hair, orange tabby. Hollywood said he was very cute and adoptable, but the shelter was working on determining whether or not the abandonment might have been accidental, as the cat appeared in good condition.

She said the shelter also recovered a dog this week off Courtland Ave. who was very scared, but very sweet.

Hollywood said the dog had a microchip containing information on the owner of the animal, but none of the numbers contained in the chip were fuctional. Hollywood said they had the name and address of the owners and a trip to the address would be conducted shortly.


A seagull with an injured wing was recovered by a volunteer from the animal shelter, Hollywood said.

One of the workers brought the gull to the Wildlife Crisis Center in Weston, and the gull was receiving treatment for the wing and would be released once it had fully heald, she said.

Hollywood said it was found in the Shippan area at the end of last week on Ocean Drive West.


Hollywood said there has been an uptick in adoptions, an increase typically seen between the end of Thanksgiving and before Christmas, she said.

"Before you get a pet for the holidays for your kids or your family, make sure you've thought about the commitment that pet will need for the rest of its life," Hollywood said."It's not as easy as you think to rehome them. There are 70 million dogs and cats in the U.S. Eight million a year are being put down."

Hollywood said a big problem they run into is the blief by people that, if things don't work out the way someone wanted with a pet, they can just drop it off at the shelter, and then the person gets mad when it's impossible for the shelter to take the animal.

"Our shelter is often full," she said. "Theyget angry at us because we can't accomodate them, but we have a limit we can't go beyond."


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