Two New Canaan Officers Injured in Fire Set to Return to Work

The third officer remains out while he recovers from a back injury.

Two of the officers injured in a daring rescue attempt to confirm a house engulfed in flames was indeed empty of occupants are set to return to work Monday evening, Sgt. Carol Ogrinc said that morning.

Off. Scott Humburg, Off. Dan Gulino and Off. Michael O'Sullivan all suffered smoke inhalation rushing into the home burning at 747 Old Stamford Road to check for a female occupant whose car was present at the scene but who was physically not home at the time of the fire.

Being the first responders on the scene, the officers said the woman's brother was unsure of her whereabouts early Friday morning.

"I'm glad no one was seriously injured," Ogrinc said. "As bad as it can be, they suffered some smoke inhalation in an event where injuries and issues can abound."

Off. Humburg will remain out as he recuperates from a back injury sustained in the rescue attempt, but Gulino and O'Sullivan are set for return to duty Monday.

"I'm not surprised they rushed in the way they did," said Ogrinc. "Any of our officers here would have done the exact same thing without hesitation. 'm glad they all appear to be making quick recoveries and it will be great to see them back at work."

Fire Marshal Fred Baker said in a phone interview Friday afternoon the possibility for a determination on a cause was slim as the weather and the intensity of the blaze were making things difficult.

"There's a possibility it will remain Cause Unknown," Baker said.

Lisa April 15, 2013 at 07:16 PM
Certainly glad that the officers are in good health and back on duty and not to minimize their heroic deed but from a procedural standpoint did it make sense for all 3 to run into building? As the first responders this would have left no one outside to direct firemen or worse all three incapacitated with no one to help. Seems like the correct procedure would have been for one of the police officers to remain out of harms way until the firemen arrived.


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