Update on New Canaan's Jury Duty Scam Phone calls

New Canaan authorities released more details on the scam jury duty penalty phone calls residents reported receiving Friday afternoon. 

According to Sgt. John DiFederico, four New Canaan residents and a Danbury resident all received phone calls from a man identifying himself as a New Canaan police officer saying they had missed jury duty and would need to pay a fine. 

DiFederico said the recipients of the calls, none of whom fell for the scam, were told they would need to pay $2,000 in the form of disposable credit cards or go to jail for missing jury duty. 

The sergeant reiterated the police department would not be involved in the collection of fines, and, while missing jury duty is a offense, he's never heard of anyone going to jail for it. 

"The whole thing was just absurd," he said. "We would never ask you to Western Union or wire us money in any way. We don't collect fines here. If it doesn't sound official, it's not."


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