Wallet Stolen, Possibly from Employee Parking Lot at Country Club

Fraudulent charges started showing up last week on a credit card stolen from an employee at the New Canaan Country Club.

A wallet was stolen from a 31-year-old Stamford man who works at the New Canaan Country Club, probably on Wednesday, June 25, when his car was in the employee parking lot there, he told New Canaan police.

The man told police he left his wallet in the center console of his car and may not have locked it when he parked it in the lot at 6:30 a.m.

Later that day, when he went to a barber shop in Stamford, he looked for his wallet and couldn't find it. In Stamford, the man said, he was sure he locked his car.

He had a credit card owned by a family member in his wallet, and that evening the family member started getting phone calls from the credit card company saying that odd charges were showing up and that they suspected the card had been stolen.

The credit card was suspended, and the next morning the man reported the theft of his wallet to New Canaan police. Police detectives are investigating the incident and hope to find surveillance video showing whoever was using the card.

As of Monday, police did not know how much had been lost through the card or how much money was in the wallet.


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