Chris Murphy Sworn In As Connecticut's Newest Senator

Takes oath of office today with wife and family by his side.

At noon today, Chris Murphy was sworn in as Connecticut’s newest U.S. Senator. He released the following statement:

I am humbled and honored to have earned the support of people across Connecticut to serve our state in the United States Senate.

I’ve been proud to work for the 41 towns of the Fifth District in the House of Representatives, and I’m going to bring the same passion and work ethic to my job in the Senate.  

I’m going to fight to strengthen Connecticut’s economy—with the right policies coming from Washington, there is no reason why Connecticut can’t grow jobs in science, technology, manufacturing, and defense.

As a lifelong champion of health care reform, I’ll be a leader in making sure that the health care law is implemented in a way that makes sense for Connecticut families and businesses.

And I’m going to be a leading voice in the national conversation to end the kind of gun violence that shattered precious young lives and devastated a community in Newtown, Connecticut just three weeks ago.

As I have throughout my time in public service, I ask that people stay engaged and continue to share ideas for how we can make Connecticut and our country even better.

I can’t wait to get to work for all of Connecticut as our state’s new U.S. Senator.

Will Wilkin January 04, 2013 at 05:42 PM
Thank you Mr. Murphy for voting NO on all the so-called "free trade agreements" that came before you while a Congressman. Thank you also for all the BUY AMERICAN clauses you have inserted in spending bills during your tenure in Congress. I hope you will strengthen your efforts to address our massive trade deficits and the loss of millions of jobs and tens of thousands of factories these policies have cost our nation. Please replace "free trade" policies with a BALANCED TRADE policy. By redirecting our $600-800Billion annual trade deficits into American-made purchases, American manufacturing would be stimulated to the amount of those trade deficits, creating well over 4 million new mfg jobs and millions more multiplier-effect jobs, all without costing the Treasury a dime. That would grow not only jobs and wages but also GDP and tax base, making fiscal crises easily manageable and making our country prosperous again. I hope you will not let the multinational corporations and Wall Street, which have zero economic patriotism, corrupt your very promising record on trade. They will try, they have bought the leadership and majorities of both parties. Thank you for standing up against the leadership of both parties on trade. Time to take the next steps, it can be done.


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