Unofficial Results In Treasurer's Race / Absentee Votes Are In / Early Voter Turnout Low in New Canaan [UPDATE]

Candidates were on-hand at NCHS and Saxe Middle School to thank those who came to cast their ballots.

Update 8:51p

Unofficial results in Treasurer's Race: Hersam wins defeating challenger Corbet; 1478 - 1430.

Update 8:30pm

With just the absentee results available:  Hersam leads Corbet, 65 - 54.

Absentee votes total: 125.


Update 4:45pm

As of 4pm, the number of votes cast in New Canaan stood at 1,831.

George Cody, the Democratic Town Registrar, said that while voter turnout is still light, he does expect it to pick-up this evening. He also said that the process is going smoothly.

When asked what brought them out to vote today, New Canaan residents entering and leaving the NCHS and Saxe poll locations said: they were doing their "civic duty," it's "the right thing to do," and "I always vote." 

One voter said she found the Treasurer's race, "very interesting," and that she might not have voted this year were it not for that contest.

Original Story

As of noon, 959 New Canaan voters had cast their ballots in this year's election.

A slate of candidates that was largely determined at the party caucuses might explain low voter turnout on this sunny fall morning at the polls.

, who is running unopposed for First Selectman, said he had been greeting voters at the polls since 7:30am. Noting the large turnout at the he said, "I think people figure they voted in July."

, is the contest between , the Democratic challenger and Republican incumbent Treasurer . Corbet was on-hand outside NCHS to greet voters this morning as well. Hersam who has held the position since 1965 has rarely faced an opponent.

, , when asked what she thought about the outcome of the Treasurer's race said, "This is just a hard one to read."

About who might benefit from low turnout, she said it was tough to say. Apy said that her Committee members had worked over the last week to encourage voters to participate. Using high and low-tech methods, they have sent emails, made phone calls and knocked on doors. She said she was encouraged by the voter response to their solicitations.

Polls will be open until 8pm tonight. Districts 1 and 2 vote at the high school with District 3 at Saxe Middle School.


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