Ethics Commission to Audit Capitol Lobbyists

The annual randomized audit is a Connecticut law.


Lobbying is big business in Washington D.C., with more than $3 billion spent each year to influence politicians. It’s also happening Hartford, with $30 million spent on lobbyists this year, according to The Hartford Guardian.

The Connecticut Citizen’s Ethics Advisory Board is to randomly choose ten different lobbyists on Thursday for an audit, as required by state law. The selected lobbyists will be announced on the board’s website.

“Promoting high ethical standards among our public servants in all branches of government is essential to preserving the public trust and to maintaining an ethical culture,” wrote David Gay, chairman of the advisory board, on the website.

According to The Connecticut Office of State Ethics, a lobbyist must register with the state if he or she either spends or receives at least $2,000 for lobbying. Registration costs $125 a year and the code of ethics prevents a lobbyists from “receiving compensation that is contingent upon the outcome of any administrative or legislative action.”


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