How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree and Lights

Taking down the decorations does have a silver lining.

Yes, it can be depressing, boxing up the ornaments and dragging the once lovely tree out to the curb.

But on the bright side, you are helping the environment.

According to the Trumbull Website, Trumbull residents may bring “live” Christmas trees to the TEaM Transfer Station on Spring Hill Road for free disposal. 

Please note that trees should not be in plastic bags and all decorations such as tinsel, ornaments and lights must be removed. The TEaM Transfer Station hours and location can be found here.  The Town will not be picking up any trees curbside. 

Alternatively, you may directly contact your residential trash hauler to ask if arrangements can be made through them for curbside pick-up of “live” Christmas Trees.

Got dead lights? Fear not, you can still help the environment. According to Trumbull Recycling Coordinator Robin Bennett:

"Trumbull, Easton and Monroe residents can recycle old strands of Christmas light strands at the transfer station in the scrap metal trailer. They should not put the strands in with the curbside or transfer station recycling containers because it jams the conveyor belts at the single stream sorting facility."

What to (not) recycle in the blue bin:

Please recycle:
• Corrugated cardboard mailing boxes
• Gift boxes
• Holiday cards (remove any batteries first)
• Wrapping paper (no foil or metallic)
• Tissue paper
• Gift tags
• Catalogs and magazines

Please do not recycle:
• Gift bows, ribbons or strings
• Styrofoam
• Holiday light strings
• Hangers
• Plastic bags

Jim Sullivan January 04, 2013 at 02:53 PM
That is interesting about the hangers not going in my blue bins. Do you mean only the brittle plastic hangers with the metal hooks? Those would be difficult to break down and recycle. For that reason alone, stores like JC Penny, Target, Macy’s, etc*…should not let you take those hangers from the store. They should keep them all for reuse. If the item needs a hanger, then a wire or cardboard one will have to do and the store should give those out instead. For wire hangers, I assume all the dry cleaners takes them back for reuse, but I do wonder if they get reused. Sometimes the hanger has white paint chipped off or is bent a bit. Those could be getting tossed out. I’m guessing if a wire hanger is in bad shape, then it can go in the blue bin. Is that right? Personally, I’d like to see more of the cardboard hangers. The manufacturer can put the “Please Reuse or Recycle” message right on them. *Is there any utility for the Town to send a letter to Westfield Mall and Hawley Lane (Kohl’s & Target) asking them to reuse the store hangers (i.e., the hard to recycle metal & plastic blends) because residents can’t recycle them. It would give them cover for the checkout person to take those hangers back, saving them money and lessening the amount of solid waste leaving Trumbull homes by hundreds (more like thousands) of hangers.


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