New Canaan OEM Director Handler Asks Residents to Avoid the Streets

A snow emergency has not been declared for New Canaan, though Director of the Office of Emergency Management Michael Handler said that's pretty typical for the small town.

Handler simply asked for some common-sense participation from the community as the weather degrades into a snow storm Tuesday evening.

"We'd like to ask that residents please stay off the roads if they can," he said. "Stay off the streets and allow the crews to get to work clearing out the snow. To whatever extent residents can avoid on-street parking to let them clear snow out of the way is extremely helpful."

There was no word on what government offices would be doing Tuesday, whether they would be closing early like New Canaan Public Schools or enduring the duration of the workday until the evening.

"New Canaan is really unique [in its infrastructure design,]" Handler said "I can't speak for the businesses and I imagine most will stay open for as long as they can, but for residents, any avoidance of on-street parking during snowfall would be helpful."


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