Top 25 Delinquent Taxpayers Owe More Than $1.6 Million [Update]

The highest amount of back taxes owed is $175,944 for an estate at 65 Parker’s Glen.

The town of New Canaan is owed more than $1.6 million in unpaid property taxes, according to town records obtained following a Freedom of Information Act request by Patch.

The highest amount of back taxes owed is $175,944 for an estate at 65 Parker’s Glen owned by Parker S. Glen LLC, which is owned by Palmer Design LLC. The principal listed is as Frank D. Palmer, according to the Connecticut Secretary of the State's Commerical Records Division.

According to town records, the last tax payment on the property was made in October 2010 in the amount of $8,319.09 and the town received $60,914.22 in 2010 in total taxes on the 65 Parker’s Glen property. As of March 10, the interest owed on the estate is $32,680.15.

Rosanna Dipanni told Patch that the town follows state laws in order to obtain delinquent taxes. “We just follow state statutes,” she said, declining to provide further information.

State law provides a 30-day grace period for a property tax payment (Chapter 204 - Sec. 12-142), according to the Office of Policy and Management. If a taxpayer pays a tax after the 30-day grace period, the payment is delinquent. State law requires tax collectors to add interest, at the rate of 1.5 percent per month or any portion of a month, to a delinquent tax bill (Chapter 204 - Sec. 12-145). For example, a tax due July 1 is payable on or before August 1.  If the tax is paid August 2, interest equals 3 percent (1.5 percent for July and 1.5 percent for August).  

The town of New Canaan's tax collection rate, on average, is 99.3 percent, according to Dipanni. The town has collected $110,292,030.08 in taxes as of March 11.

Municipalities can refer delinquent taxpayers to collection agencies or also "use other means" to collect taxes that are delinquent, according to the state's OPM. State law allows for the collection of property taxes within 15 years after a tax due date (Chapter 204 - Sec. 12-164). A municipality’s legislative body (or its board of selectmen in a town in which the legislative body is a town meeting) can abate the property tax for an owner-occupied residential dwelling, to the extent that the tax exceeds 8 percent or more of the total income of all occupants (Chapter 204 - Sec. 12-124a).  

A full list of the 25 top delinquent owners in New Canaan as well as their properties amounts owed can be found below.

The top 25 delinquent taxpayers, as of Friday, March 11, were:

Rank Name* Property Owed


Parker S Glen LLC, which is owned by Palmer Design LLC (Frank D. Palmer, principal)

65 Parker’s Glen $175,944.89 2 Westover LLC (Arlene Mercede, principal)
2-12 Maple Street $170,405.73 3 Anthony Massarella
527 Smith Ridge Road, 54 & 56 Forest Street $126,132.19 4 Jennifer A. James
6 Valley Lane $124,557.39 5 Abbey Lane LLC (Todd B. Stewart, principal) 145 Lantern Ridge Road $111,920.57 6 87 Main Street Assoc. LLC (Robert Cuda, principal) 87 Main Street $98,360.26 7 74 Mather Farm Road LLC (Donald B. White, principal) 441 Brookside Road $95,148.53 8 Thomas M. Cordes
81 Lukes Wood Road $89,615.93 9 Tanaz Warren
46 Ludlowe Road $61,578.68 10 Ruth Jones
277 Old Stamford Road $51,847.52 11 Lask Holdings LLC (Scott S. Kaluczky, principal)
1028 Silvermine Road $42,952.66 12 Tomonto Industries (Joseph A. Tomonto, principal) 574 Cascade Road $40,734.19 13 John L. Hilton
34 Braeburn Drive $37,060.39 14 Jay Pirrone
50 Marshall Ridge Road $37,011.65 15 Craig S. Phillips
625 Oenoke Ridge $36,737.96 16 Twin Ponds LLC (Claude P. Priolet, principal)
259 Frogtown Road $36,716.00 17 Cross Ridge LLC (Edwin Brooks, principal)
Cross Ridge Road $35,713.39 18 33-39 East Ave. LLC (Robert Cuda, principal) 31 East Ave. $35,151.01 19 Paul Tully 142 Michigan Road $34,889.06 (PAID — see note below)
20 John P. Clemente La Brum
429 West Road $34,164.29 21 James W. Wainacht
122 Kimberly Place $31,405.07 22 John J. Vaske
358 Lukes Wood Road $27,716.23 23 John Roger Bolton
630 Oenoke Ridge $26,038.19 24 Parade Hill Road LLC (Ruth LeBlanc Jones, principal)
105, 109 Parade Hill Road $25,635.30 25 Elizabeth Czarnecki 126 Harrison Ave. $24,745.49 * Names of principals of LLCs listed are supplied by the Connecticut Secretary of the State's Commercial Recording Division

(Editor's Note: According to an e-mail from New Canaan Tax Collector Rosanna Dipanni, payment was made in full March 14 on the property at 142 Michigan Road.)

Townres March 15, 2011 at 06:51 PM
It would be interesting to have some context here....like how long these taxes have been due for. Taxes are supposed to be paid by January 1. You automatically get a 30 day grace period to pay and then by state law interest begins to accrue. So we don't know if any of these people haven't paid for 30 days or 300 days. And I guess we don't know the circumstances, but this is public information and paying taxes is our civic duty. We've chosen to be a part of this community and paying your share is part of life.
Serenity Now! March 15, 2011 at 07:07 PM
It would also be helpful to know the town policy on abatement of delinquent taxes. Some noble sentiments have been expressed in these posts, but a little due diligence shows that several of these situations are speculative investments rather than primary residences. In addition, some of the properties are owned by Wall Street big shots who the rest of us do not need to carry on our backs.
Elmstreet Ambler March 17, 2011 at 01:39 AM
This is like taping the bounced check to the front of the store register. You used to see it all the time until store owners realized how utterly mean and awful it made them look. But lets face it people love this stuff, it makes them feel better. Hey at least I don't owe the town 175k they say. This is New Canaan and this story will give everyone something to gossip about at the cocktail party . People love a train wreck. Look at the New Canaan News Review vs The Advertiser. People love the Review because it prints the name of parties involved with domestic abuse, where as the Advertiser takes the high road and doesn't. Hey Patch you have shown us your true colors. I think NewCanaanResident said it best.
GSB March 18, 2011 at 12:30 AM
I don't think people do love this stuff. To the contrary, while public because NC is a government, it is no different that opening up bank records to see who is late on a payment. Use of the FOIA this way is vulgar and doesn't add any value. In fact, it makes future reading of anything Erin writes suspect. Poor taste, poor decision, poor editorial oversight.
Sheryl Shaker March 18, 2011 at 01:41 AM
Thank you all for your comments. This thread is now closed.


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