Town: Main Street Work Should Be Done by Memorial Day Parade

Also, the town approved about $470,000 to repave and repair Heather Drive and Cross Ridge Road.


Town officials on Tuesday approved some $470,0000 to repave two New Canaan roads said to be in dire need of repair.

The milling and paving of Heather Drive and Cross Ridge Road—to be completed by Deering Construction, following a unanimous vote by the Board of Selectmen—will become the third and fourth major road works projects underway in New Canaan.

What follows are updates on all the road works, including a state project along South Avenue and widely discussed Main Street sidewalk installation.

Main Street repaving, sidewalks

Motorists traveling along Main Street have been detoured up to South Avenue this week, as workers repave and widen parts of the heavily used road and install new sidewalks on its west side, under a project by the Town Council.

Tiger Mann, assistant director and senior engineer of the town , said during an interview that officials hope the work will be completed before the Memorial Day parade, which runs from the center of town, down Main Street and into the Lakeview Cemetery near the Millport Avenue intersection. The annual parade is held on Memorial Day itself—May 28 this year. Even if the entire project isn’t completed by then, Mann said, officials should have the paving of Main Street finished at least as far as Harrison Avenue, covering the parade route.

Remaining parts of the project, Mann said, include sidewalk work in front of , now underway, work between Harrison and Woodland Avenues, street widening from Elm Place to Woodland Avenue and from the wastewater plant to Harrison Avenue.

South Avenue drainage and curbing work

Route 124 is a state road and under a project expected to wrap up some time this summer, state officials are milling, paving and installing drains along the length of South Avenue. That work will cover essentially the entire length of the thoroughfare, from the Darien line to Cherry Street, officials say.

Heather Drive and Cross Ridge Road

In what Mann described as a “perfect time to come in and repair” the roads, town officials approved $471,920.65 plus $71,000 in contingency funds for the milling and paving of Heather Drive and Cross Ridge Roads—streets located in the town’s southeast and northeast corners, respectively. The work also will include drainage, curbing and striping.

Mann noted during the Board of Selectmen’s regular meeting, held in the Board Room, that the estimate from the winning bidder came in some $110,000 less than what town officials originally had targeted, due in part to competition among contractors for scarce projects.

said New Canaan residents rank road maintenance among town government’s most important work.

“Our constituents rightly think it’s right at the top of things the town does, like schools and [emergency response],” Mallozzi said.

Responding to a question from Selectman Nick Williams about how the DPW prioritizes road work, Mann said it makes fiscal sense to try and bunch a project together so that it comes to about $1 million. That allows the town to cast its net effectively wide, Mann said, as both smaller and larger contractors will bid on jobs in that range.

Selectman Beth Jones asked whether, if the town can complete Main Street and the two road paving projects this summer, if more road work could be put out to bid in the fall. Mann said yes, as long as the town could group together enough roads to create a road project whose economies of scale work for a contractor.

Mann specifically mentioned a group of roads located off of South Avenue near the New Canaan Y: Putnam Road, Whiffle Tree Lane, Butler Lane and Conrad Road.

Four Jacks May 31, 2012 at 12:34 AM
OMG Mary, that stupid stone wall is being taken down and rebuilt for the third time now, it's proably still higher than the 3 foot limit. I checked with town hall and it is the homeowner's wall, and it's right up to their property line, no set-backs required when you want to build a stone wall right up against the side of the road. This is the kind of peopel that live in NC now. They are only for themselves and not for the common good. Goes to show that money can't buy class.
Loraine Szatai June 11, 2012 at 01:13 PM
I reside on Heather Drive, and I'm wondering why we aren't kept informed of the progress of the paving project, and how it impacts our ability to leave and return to our home. Why not put in speed bumps, as there are children, some with special needs, as it's a "back road speedway for drivers"?
Glen K Dunbar June 11, 2012 at 04:07 PM
I should also correct myself and apologize. It is not just New Canaan that sings the blues about money it is the State and all Govt entities. Why do they do that?? Just ask the Feds for a bail out. Simple !!!
Dodie givens June 11, 2012 at 09:57 PM
I complained to Steve Kleppin and he said the town was "working with homeowner to put the wall into compliance". Since then the wall was completed and now part was reconstructed and made lower near the corner. It is still too close the road and appears to be in violation of setback requirements. Could it be that the homeowner ascribes to the philosophy of " it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission"? Clearly, construction should have been suspended while the town was " working with the homeowner " . The town has left itself vulnerable to a lawsuit when the inevitable accident occurs.
Four Jacks June 12, 2012 at 10:24 PM
I called P&Z again this week and they are now awaiting a survey from the homeowner. Why does it take a survey to recognize what is truly now a dangerous intersection? How could the town allow this? How can the homeowner be so inconsiderate of the public's safety?


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