SOLD! Heiress Huguette Clark's Manse Goes for $14.3M

The enormously expensive New Canaan mansion that the late Huguette Clark acquired but let stand empty for six decades has now been sold for $14.3 million, NBC News reports.

NBC News says the buyers are: "Reed and Delphine Krakoff. He is a fashion designer with his own label, and is known for having been the chief designer for Coach Inc., the handbag company. His wife is an interior decorator and, like Huguette Clark, was born in Paris."

Clark, who died in 2011 at the age of 104, bought the 14,266-square-foot home in 1951 "as a refuge during the cold war," according to NBC. But she never moved in, and "Le Beau Chateau" lay dormant on its 52-acre parcel at 104 Dans Hwy., near the northwest corner of town.

Well, not always dormant -- in 2010, for instance, the estate was used for a fundraising event to support the Summer Theatre of New Canaan. Designers from Fairfield County to New York City "transformed nearly every high-ceilinged room into a glittering feast for the eyes and imagination," according to an announcement for the event.

At that point, the price tag on the property was $24 million. By 2012, the asking price had sunk to $17 million, Patch reported at the time.

Clark's will reportedly left $34 million of her fortune to her private nurse, and another $17 million to her accountant and attorney, but nothing to family members.


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