2011-2012 Public School Calendar Approved

Classes start on a Wednesday in August and end on a Thursday in June.

Classes will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011 for New Canaan public school students. The Board of Education amended the original plan to start on Aug. 29 to give families more time to unwind at the end of summer vacation. The amendment also pushed the last day of school one day forward to June 14.

Thanksgiving break starts with a half day on Nov. 23 and continues through Friday, Nov. 25. Winter holiday vacation starts with a half day on Dec. 23 and continues through Monday Jan. 2, 2012.

Students and teachers will get two vacations in the second half of the academic year, Feb. 13-20 and April 2-9. The Board of Education and school administrators agreed that the two breaks were better for student well-being, faculty and staff morale, and standardized test preparation than a break in March.

There's room for six snow days in the calendar with June 22 the last possible day of school.


KEY DATES 2011-2012:

Aug. 31: School begins

Sept. 5: Labor Day holiday

Sept. 29: Rosh Hashanah holiday

Oct. 8: Yom Kippur holiday

Oct. 10: Columbus Day holiday

Nov. 8: Election Day, no school for students, professional learning for faculty

Nov. 23-25: Thanksgiving vacation, starting with half day Nov. 23

Dec. 5-8: Parent conference days, half day for grades k-5

Dec. 23-Jan. 2: Holiday vacation, starting with half day Dec. 23

Jan. 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday

Feb. 13-17: Winter break

Feb. 20: Presidents Day holiday

April 2-6: Spring break

April 9: No school for students, professional learning for faculty

May 28: Memorial Day holiday

June 14: Last day of school, half day

June 15-22: Allowance for snow days



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