Another Snow-Filled Winter?: New Canaan Public Schools Calendar Rundown

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
Between Sandy and snowstorms last year, schools around Fairfield County were rocked with extra days they had to make up following environmental meltdowns.

With mid-December bringing the snow and, incidentally, the first school closures for New Canaan, how will the district handle wacky weather if it gets slammed again. Here's how it breaks down on the New Canaan Public Schools calendar when it comes to weather closures:

  • Nine built-in "snow or other school closings" days are included in June
  • If all nine days are then utilized to make up for weather-related closures, the school then turns to April break.
As it is explained on the district's website:
"Snow days or other school closings may extend the last day of school. If there are more than 9 closings, April vacation may be shortened."

The calendar shows schools closed from Monday, April 14, to Friday, April 18, for that scheduled break period. Officials contacted Wednesday said how the school would approach filling in missing days in April hadn't yet been discussed but, traditionally, they would begin by replacing days at the beginning of the week, Monday, April 14, and filling in as needed through Thursday.

Officials said the nine days in June is typically ample enough to provide for inclement weather closures. If any of the nine days scheduled for weather are not used throughout the year, the built-in days in June will then be deducted as necessary.


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