Reaching Out to Peers A World Away

This week's Whiz Kid collects shoes for children and teens in Afghanistan.

Name: Tara Brunner

Age: 13

School: Saxe Middle School


As an eighth grade member of Girl Scout Troop 50164, Tara Brunner was eligible to pursue the Silver Award and she jumped at the opportunity.

To merit the Silver Award, she was required to choose a service project and spend at least thirty hours planning and executing it during her eighth grade year. 

When troop leaders told the girls that the was offering the chance to partner in collecting shoes for children and teens in Afghanistan, she knew she had found her project.

Tara approached the five New Canaan public schools, St. Aloysius School and the New Canaan Library as well as local shoe stores: , and and reported that everyone was eager to help. 

She then decorated collection boxes, which were placed at each location on April 25th and will be available for donations until May 20th.

Tara checks the two boxes at Saxe, one at each of the school's main entrances, daily and her visits her other locations at least once a week.

Costs to ship the shoes to those in need will be shared by the Rotary and Hobbs, Inc. The shoes will be distributed by The Afghan Child Project.

Key to Awesomeness:

When Patch asked what drew her to this project she answered simply. "It sounded like a lot of fun and I like helping people. It seemed like a great opportunity and I took it."

After speaking with Patch Monday, Tara called back to report happily that she had checked in with East School and was told her box there was full.



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