Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day

How to create a successful, Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Many people love pets. Many dog owners would love to have their favorite companion be with them during their work day. Friday is the official Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Not all dogs are cut out for this sort of thing but others thrive on the attention. Know your dog and make the best decision for him/her.

Here are a few things to consider and few suggestions that will create a successful experience for you, your dog and your co-workers:

  • Is anyone allergic to dogs?
  • Is the office dog proof from any chewable items?
  • Is your dog socialized outside the home?
  • Is your dog comfortable around strangers?
  • Is your dog comfortable around other dogs?
  • Is your dog a notorious territorial marker?
  • Is there a convenient place for the dog to do its "business"?
  • Did you exercise your dog prior to arriving at the office? Remember, a tired dog is a well behaved dog.
  • Bring water and treats. Try not to allow too many treat changes to prevent an upset tummy - or worse.
  • Is your dog sound sensitive to different noises they might experience during this day?
  • Don't force your dog to interact with a co-worker or another dog. Go slowly and relax the leash.
  • Educate your coworkers on the appropriate way to greet a dog:
    • Never bend down and/or face them eye to eye as this can be viewed as an impending attack.
    • Hold out a hand palm down first to allow the dog a sniff. Never reach for the top of the head as this is perceived as being very threatening.
    • Go easy.
  • Bring their familiar bed or mat or crate for them to go to. Dogs usually sleep most of the day. This event could be over stimulating and they might need a time out to nap.
  • Bring their favorite toy or treat(s). Again, familiarity will ease the experience. Be careful for resource guarders. If you have one, don't bring the item that could possibly start a fight.


You are your dog's advocate. Always be on the lookout and protect. Do not allow dogs to "work it out". This could very easily escalate into a fight, expecially if it is in small, confined spaces - there is no where for them to retreat.

If all conderations are planned for, having dogs around could be very relaxing and fun.

Have fun sharing time with your best companion at your place of work. Good luck getting any work done. You might want to plan for that, too!

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Lisa June 22, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Do you need a permit for this in New Canaan?


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