How To Roast A Pig: Video

Bill Brunetti Jr. is a contractor by day, but for fun and profit, he also roasts wild game.


Cooking for a party of 100 is not a big deal for Bill Brunetti Jr. of Newtown. If he makes it look easy, that may be due in part to the fact he has been barbecuing most of his life..

According to Bill Brunetti Sr., Bill Jr got his early start barbecuing when he was only 8 years old. Since then, Bill has graduated from roasting hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill to roasting big game he hunted with his sons, Jackson and Hunter.  Their trophies have included buffalo, red elk, wild boar, and more. 

In order to celebrate the Fourth of July, Bill hosts a party every year for hundreds of people that include family, friends and his construction clients.  He cooks up a mammoth amount of food, much of which he has caught over the year.  

In the video, he begins by roasting two pigs for a graduation party with a guest list of 100, and finishes off at his own gala event for more than 200, in a Danbury parking lot on Backus Ave, just before the fireworks go off.

Have you ever thought of roasting a pig?  If you have, here is an opportunity to see what is involved before you take it on.

Happy Cooking!


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