The Dreaded Scale, Friend or Foe?

Why it’s important to know your weight.

With spring in the air, many of us have fast-forwarded to our summer wardrobe – especially our swimwear—wondering how everything will fit this season. For me, if all goes as planned, everything should fit as it did last year. What I mean by, “If all goes as planned” is exactly that; I plan for it. Do you? 

What I’m getting to specifically is how frequently you step on the scale. Is it weekly, monthly, at your annual physical or maybe never? Well, I have a confession to make…I get on the scale daily. I know many in the health and fitness industry would scoff at my routine, arguing that it isn’t appropriate to be number obsessed, but I do it anyway. I hear the phrase, “I had no idea I gained this much weight” all too often when signing on new clients. You may not think that gaining two to three pounds in a year is all that significant, but if you continue in this fashion, it translates into 10-15 pounds in five years or 20-30 pounds in ten years! This can mean the difference between being within your healthy range, over-weight or even obese. 

Although some may view the scale as evil, these same people would probably agree that some form of measurement is necessary. One alternative method used, is judging by the fit of clothing. I think there are flaws in this approach. A-line dresses, elastic waistbands, exercise gear, leggings—some can go days or even weeks wearing this type of attire. And when it is time to put on those skinny jeans, they're tight! What happened? Time has gone by with one too many social events, too much eating, not enough exercising and you’ve put on three pounds because you haven’t been wearing the clothing that is meant to be your gauge.  Even if you have been wearing your “fitted” items, clothing may shrink and/or stretch. Now how do you know if you’ve gained a few pounds? You just don’t.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you be as neurotic as I, and get on the scale daily, but a few times a week can’t hurt and in fact it could help. It is important since it is easier to lose one pound than it is to lose five. If you weigh yourself every few days, you’ll catch any gain in the early stages, when it’s still fairly easy to get off, instead of the point at which you really need to make an effort to lose it. 

So, try using that evil scale for a month and keep a log. Let me know if you were able to keep your number stable.  


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Ade April 01, 2012 at 02:47 AM
Glen - You clearly have too much spare time on your hands if you can comment on every last story here. Find another site where you can blather on and on and on. If you aren't going to do anything to fix your own life, it is never going to get better. If this town makes you so miserable, move away. It is cheaper to live pretty much anywhere else in the country. Move along. Take your mother with you or don't. Take your dog with you or don't. Just do something other than complain.
Glen K Dunbar April 01, 2012 at 11:54 AM
Abe I wish I could move us away. I am too poor. I am open to a buy out though "relocation" package??? My wife, kid and Me and pets. Mom could go to Waveny if again someone would pick up the check. This town could have helped me when I needed it as a teen. Instead, I was and still am being told I have to swim on my own which is why I promised to make all your lives as miserable as You have made mine Nothing personal. There are some nice folks in this town too. But, there are the bad apples that are hypocites like the parent who tells the child not to smoke while they puff away. Most of the people if not all that condemn me and are out to get me are well adjusted rich snobs. Getting back to the weight thing. Again. Need an EASY quick way to loose weight or someone to buy me a new wardrobe. Glen
Ade April 01, 2012 at 02:24 PM
Glen - You just don't get it. Nothing in life is easy. Few things in life are free. The people that you think are well adjusted rich snobs are people that most likely work for what they have. The rest of the folks here on Patch have absolutely nothing to do with making your life miserable. You have made your own life miserable by not standing up for yourself. If you don't want to take care of your mother, then don't. Nobody is going to arrest you for being a bad son. If you want to ride the train, then buy a ticket. Unless, of course, you have annoyed the people on the train like you have done to the audience on Patch, and have been booted off. Please, do as you have promised and go global. Find a different website to spout off on.
Glen K Dunbar April 01, 2012 at 11:45 PM
Abe You made me smile. I am trying to stay grumpy. NO they not boot me off the train. I act a bit more normal w/my train buddies. Actually, MOST of them are nice to me. Only a few look down at me. I am taking the train again. Arrangements are in place. As for my Mom. It is a special case buddy. I feel ALL old people should get FREE healthcare. When You get old are you going to smile and write a check for a spend-down just because Uncle Sam say you have too much money when in fact you don't We WASTE money on wars we should not be in. We WASTE money on outer space and executive pay. That is what I am really trying to get across. If we took care of our own we would all be better off.. We pay taxes. We should not be so Polly Anna w/the powers that be. We need to DEMAND (politely) I also had a BAD child hood and my Dad got sick and pass away. I not know how to care for myself muchless handle a house w/Mom, Wife and Kid. We are facing a HUGE $100K tax bill because we sold my Mom house and move to condo. Uncle Sam will not let us deduct cost of condo which is unfair. So, I have to run away or go to a website www.wallendaleassociates.net to try and get a break there. If I have to live like a pauper then FINE> But, I will NOT do home work as well. I want to lie around and watch Teen Nick reruns and pout all evening after work and play w/my Dogs and Cavies. Is that too much to ask
Glen K Dunbar April 01, 2012 at 11:46 PM
PS The Girl who wrote this original memo/post...Miss Tania is also a lovely and beautiful Princess.


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