What’s Your Food Vice?

After another holiday has come and gone and too many sweets have been consumed, it has me wondering, how do you handle your food vice?

A vice is essentially defined as something negative but when it comes to food, it doesn’t have to be. My vice, hands down, is chocolate.  Pretty much anything chocolate will do – chocolate cake, cookies, ice cream and certainly the straight up, good old-fashioned chocolate bar. Yet while some try to avoid their vice at all costs, I embrace mine – in moderation. I don’t believe in depriving yourself of the food you love, so if you have a chocolate addiction (substitute your addiction here) like mine, here’s how you can indulge daily. The key is to set limits so you can “treat” yourself without regret. 

On the heels of my last blog, portion control is the key. Divide cookies or smaller snacks into individual servings as soon as you get the goods home. This way you'll avoid having to stick your hand into the box and grab an undetermined amount when a craving strikes.  Or better yet, purchase items already packaged in small serving sizes. Instead of buying a pint of chocolate ice cream, select low calorie bars. That way you won’t be tempted to scoop some more, or too much in the first place. Freeze chocolate candies. It will take longer to eat and therefore you’ll be less likely to consume too much. Find your replacement “go to” items to satisfy your need. Hot cocoa is mine. I have a cup after dinner and voila, my sweet tooth is satisfied!

Unlike some other vices, when it comes to food, deprivation isn’t the best method as it can lead to binging. Don’t put yourself in that position. Go ahead and indulge if you can’t resist but be smart about it. Choose kids serving sizes of your vice. They are smaller and therefore lower in calories. And while individually wrapped foods may be more expensive then “family” size items, they should ultimately save you in both the wallet and the waistline since you’ll be eating less.


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Louise G. April 15, 2012 at 12:06 PM
eating from the box has always been my m.o. i love the idea of dividing larger boxes of 'guilty pleasures' into serving sizes!


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