Molly Shaker
Molly Shaker is a features and general assignment reporter for Patch.
Molly is a New Canaan native who has spent the past five years living and studying in Burlington, VT, where she earned a degree in English from the University of Vermont in 2008. While working as the features editor of the school newspaper, she was part of a group that created and launched an online magazine called phoebe., which showcases Burlington's unique culture and lifestyle.   After graduating, she stayed in Burlington where she spent time working as a staff writer for a local newspaper and producing a second issue of phoebe., this time as editorial director. If Molly weren't pursuing a career in journalism, she'd probably camp out at the Museum of Modern Art and find a way to simultaneously read every word Kurt Vonnegut and David Sedaris ever wrote whilst drooling over the works of Matisse and watching re-runs of Seinfeld.
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