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Let's start with what I'm NOT. I'm not a high-style, high-end, high-fashionista. If that's what you need, I'm probably not the best stylist for you to call. BUT, whether or not you work outside your home, if you're a woman who goes into your closet every morning and cannot think what to wear; if you're bored wearing the same basic look every day; if you find yourself still in your workout clothes at 3:00 in the afternoon and/or if you're not a super shopper, then I'm your gal. I worked in the retail industry for over twenty years selling women’s clothing mostly for Gap, Inc. stores (Banana Republic, Gap and Gap Kids). And for all those years, I used to organize the closets and curate the wardrobes of countless friends and family members just for fun. In November, 2009 I had a "light bulb" moment. I realized I had a skill to offer and a passion to pursue. I decided to do this work professionally and soon after, I launched my own styling practice. My mission is to create every day style for every woman.
I am a certified professional personal stylist with Style for Hire, hand-picked by Stacy London of TLC's hit show What Not To Wear. Visit me at Style for Hire to learn more about me and to book styling services today!
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