Fatal Hit and Run Investigation Could Take "Months or Years"

Evidence from SUV sent to lab. No quick answers expected.

The investigation into the hit and run accident that killed 82-year-old New Canaan resident Jayaraman Krishna on Aug. 18 could "take months or years," according to New Canaan Police Department Capt. Leon Krolikowski.

The Connecticut State Police Major Crime unit sent 10 investigators as well as some evidence technicians to aid New Canaan police officers as they searched the 2008 Infiniti QX56 on Monday afternoon, Krolikowski said.

"We have no update now," he said. "It can take months or years for information to come back from the lab." 

Krolikowski said the lab prioritizes cases according to severity, with homicides and rapes taking precedence. "This may take a little bit of time," he said.

"We are going to be thorough," he said. "We want to have a complete picture of what occurred. We don't rush investigations and come to quick conclusions." 

Krolikowski said after the department's investigation is complete, New Canaan police will confer with the state's attorney to see if charges are applicable.

Police have identified the suspect as a 32-year-old New Canaan woman but released no other information.

"It really doesn't matter whether or not the suspect or victim lives in town," Krolikowski said. "We would be as thorough as we are being. We are sensitive to needs of our citizens, but in an investigation like this it's not a factor if the suspect or victim lives in town."

Krishna was hit and killed as he stood by the mailbox at his son's home on Oenoke Ridge.

"Three 911 calls came in,"  New Canaan police Sgt. Carol Ogrinc said. "Two went to Pound Ridge.  One to us."

Ogrinc said it's possible more calls were made that didn't go through because of spotty cell coverage in the area.  

A spokesman for New York State Troopers, who handle dispatch for Pound Ridge, N.Y., said they have turned over all materials related to this case to New Canaan Police.

Police have not yet begun interviewing, another process that could take "a few to several weeks," Ogrinc said.

"We've identified the driver. We have the vehicle," said Ogrinc. There's no rush to make an arrest."

The Krishna family was not immediately available for comment.

Eugenie Diserio September 04, 2010 at 01:11 AM
Wouldn't be surprised if when the facts come out she has moved from Oenoke Ridge and out of town.
CavemanRadio September 17, 2010 at 03:26 AM
How do you get away with murder? 1) Hire a dream team? 2) Let a leather glove that was soaked in blood, dry (and therefore shrink) for well over a year and then claim that it doesn't fit? 3) Run down an 84 year old man that has the audacity to check the contents of his own mailbox, leave him to die on the side of the road, while you drive directly to a gas station to repair your vehicle to hide the damage (destroy the evidence) and therefore cover up your crime? The gas station attendant informed the authorities of the alleged killer's attempts to cover up her crime and her car was confiscated and subsequently investigated by the state police. For some reason, this "32 year old woman" has yet to be identified or charged with any offence? How is this possible? In July, a New Canaan resident (whom clearly appears mentally ill) was forcibly removed from his home for threatening local politicians online and via the telephone. His picture and name have been plastered all over the internet and local publications since he allegedly committed his crime(s). Yet the identity of this "32 year old woman" is a secret for what could be months or "years" according to law enforcement?!
CavemanRadio September 17, 2010 at 03:26 AM
Is this "woman" still permitted to carelessly roam the streets in her behemoth SUV endangering anyone that is so self-centered that they have the audacity to open their own mailbox? Why has this women's identity not be released? What kind of connections does one need to have to be able to receive this unbelievably preferential treatment? I guarantee that if I mowed down an elderly New Canaan resident, left him on the side of the road to die alone, and drove directly to a service station to destroy the evidence linking me to the crime...I would be immediately charged and incarcerated for my crime and attempt to cover it up.
KS September 20, 2010 at 12:20 AM
Caveman, I couldn't agree more-why has every other suspect's name been released and not hers? Ridiculous.
CavemanRadio September 23, 2010 at 06:53 PM
Thanks, KS. Suprisingly my comments were printed in todays Advertiser...


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