First Selectman to Declare State of Emergency in New Canaan

Residents in low lying areas of town asked to evacuate.

[First] Selectman Jeb Walker and the Office of Emergency Management have been working to prepare the town prior to hurricane Irene. It is anticipated that a declaration of State of Emergency for the town will be signed by 5p.m.

have hurricane Irene to arrive on Sunday Morning as a category I hurricane with sustained and gusts to 90 miles per hour.  Rainfall between 5 and 10 inches is predicted in our area. Results of this storm will include trees down, roads closed and power losses for an unknown period of time.

Residents in areas previously subject to flooding should expect severe flooding as a result of this storm.  Evacuation is strongly recommended now. 

An emergency shelter has been set up at the is open as of 12 noon on Saturday, Aug. 27.

is currently speaking to the senior management of CL&P to get dedicated crews in town prior to the storm.

, residents are recommended to store all patio furniture, grills, construction materials including dumpsters, etc.  Residents should fill their bathtubs with water. During the height of the storm, residents should stay in their homes and away from windows.  

Residents should plan on being self sufficient for a minimum of seven days.

If you have a neighbor who is elderly or in need, please reach out to see if they need any assistance preparing for the storm.

The Department of Emergency Management can be contacted at (203) 594-4100 with any questions or problems.

For updated information please check with the Office of Emergency Management website, the town website and the fire department website.



rough1 August 27, 2011 at 09:39 PM
a lot of towns hand out sand bags; i emailed our emergency man about this, but never heard back. There's a fema map on the town website showing the low-lying areas, of which there are a lot, so it should not come as news that a lot of high streams and rivers might need sandbags to prevent homes from flooding..duuuh


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