NCHS Students Resolve To...

...get better grades, read more and get a hot prom date. Taylor Du Pont and Elizabeth Kilbride report for the New Canaan High School paper.

What do students hope to accomplish in the new year? NCHS Courant Associate Multimedia Editor Taylor Du Pont and Opinions Editor Elizabeth Kilbride took to the hallways with a video camera to find out about local students' resolutions.

In order of appearance, you'll hear from Matt Windas (11), Noah Hedley (10), Veronica Hoeft (11), Oscar Borjas (12), Tommy Cronin (10), Evan Greenblatt (11), Deven Appel (9), Katie O’Sullivan (10), Alexa Ozimek (11), Eli Litchman (9), Henry Greer (10), Caroline Murray (12) and Harrison Burt (11).

This video originally appeared in the NCHS Courant and on nchscourant.com. Be sure to friend them on Facebook.


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